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Clash of kings Wiki provides tips and tricks for clash of kings. The Clash of king’s wiki is updated daily so stay in touch for the latest tips.

Clash of kings Wiki Tips

 Best Faction

Best faction is the ones that are at the top of rankings. These are very active and experienced players. You need a really good setup before joining the game. Be careful while giving your location. Also stay careful about making new friends in the groups. To join with them make sure what they are talking about in the group.

Clash of kings Wiki

 Best Troops

According to Clash of Kings Wiki, the best troops should be a huge amount of large range attackers. Range building is required to train them. They can kill without being hurt and you may need them for long ranged units. The armies without defense and ranged attack will be very easier to defeat. This also build ranged the best troops for situations that are predictable. It is also a good strategy to bring a strong unit against a weakest ranged.


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Food Warning

The food icon in this game shows a candy or lolly pop for holidays. This is one of the worst things to eat in a huge amount on the planet. Sugar cause cancer to occur quickly.

Keeps Crashing

One of the main things that cause an app crash is a game mod. Moded Apks files can be corrupted actually for not having the mod. Clash of kings Wiki may alter the app in some ways. For none modded user may have a lot of apps open at a time. This may result in the slowdown of a device.

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